Cooling vest in Qatar | Cooling Vest suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Cooling vest in Qatar , Nassguard Trading wll is the authorized dealers of Techniche Cooling Vest suppliers in Doha, Qatar.

We are stocking and supplying different types of cooling vest including

  • Evaporative cooling vest
  • Phase change cooling vest (PCM)


Cooling Vest – Evaporative in QATAR

Powered by the HYPERKEWL™ technology, techniche evaporative cooling vest is combined by the unique fabric and fibers which help for the fast absorption and store water in stable.

It reduce the heat by 6-8 degree celcius.

Phase Change Cooling Vest in QATAR

Powered by Techniche COOLPAX™ technology , Coolpax is lighter material than water and based on Carbon based non toxic liquid.

It absorb the heat from the wearer by it change from solid to liquid state.

The coolpax freeze at 14 degree celcius and continue in that temparature in 2-3 hours.