Ammonia Gas Detector

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Ammonia Gas Detector In Qatar

Ammonia Gas Detector In Qatar , Nassguard trading wll Is the leading supplier of this product , Equipped with a sensitive sensor that guarantees quick and accurate ammonia detection, the SGT-P provides live gas readings directly on its easy-to-read LCD display

Ensure Safety with the SGT-P Portable Ammonia Gas Detector in Qatar

In the industrial sectors of Qatar, where ammonia handling is prevalent, ensuring the safety of the workspace against gas leaks is crucial. The SGT-P Portable Ammonia Gas Detector is your frontline defense, designed to offer robust and reliable monitoring of ammonia levels. This device is particularly suited for professionals in industries such as refrigeration, chemical processing, and agricultural sectors where ammonia is commonly used.

Advanced Ammonia Detection:

The SGT-P Portable Ammonia Gas Detector stands out with its high-performance features. It is equipped with a precision sensor that detects ammonia concentrations swiftly and accurately, ensuring safety compliance and worker protection. The sensor’s long lifespan of 3-5 years, coupled with its ability to deliver live gas readings, provides a significant advantage in maintaining continuous and reliable monitoring.

Designed for Durability and Ease of Use:
The SGT-P uses high-strength alloy and shock-resistant materials for construction, ensuring it withstands the harsh conditions of industrial environments. Its compact and lightweight design does not compromise on strength, making it easy to carry and operate in various settings. The ergonomic design includes an intuitive single-button interface that simplifies operation and reduces the need for extensive training.

User-Centric Features :

This ammonia gas detector prioritizes user experience. It showcases a clear, backlit LCD display that delivers real-time gas concentration levels, improving visibility in low-light conditions. Additionally, it comes equipped with multiple alarm systems—audible, visual, and vibration alerts—that activate when ammonia levels surpass preset thresholds, promptly alerting all personnel of potential dangers.

Sustainable and Maintainable:
The SGT-P is not just effective but also environmentally friendly. It allows for the replacement of batteries and sensors, which not only extends the device’s lifespan but also reduces electronic waste. This maintainability ensures that the detector can continue to provide reliable service without the need for frequent replacements.

Comprehensive Safety Compliance:

Complying with international safety standards such as ATEX, IECEx, and CSA, the SGT-P meets rigorous global criteria for safety devices. This compliance is critical for businesses aiming to adhere to legal safety requirements and protect their workforce effectively.

Technical Specifications and Support:
The device operates within a temperature range of -40°C to +50°C, making it versatile for various climatic conditions. It is also IP67 certified, ensuring protection against dust and water ingress. Each unit comes with a comprehensive calibration certificate and a two-year warranty, affirming its reliability and quality.

User-Friendly Features:

Operation of the SGT-P couldn’t be simpler with its single-button interface. This simplicity ensures minimal training is required, reducing downtime and allowing for quicker deployment. The device also features audible, visual, and vibration alarms to alert users under various conditions.

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