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BM 25 & BM 25 Wireless Area gas monitor

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BM 25 area gas monitor. We at Nassguard are the leading supplier of area gas detectors in Qatar. The BM 25 area gas monitor offers the features of a fixed system area monitor in a durable, user-friendly, and portable instrument. This device can detect one to five gases simultaneously, making it ideal for mobile or temporary work, team protection, area surveillance, or insufficient fixed detection systems.

Features of the BM 25 area gas monitor

  • detects a maximum of 5 gases at the same time 
  • loud and audible alarm at 103 db
  • Run time of more than 150+ hours
  • Data acquisition through a controller 
  • resistant to jarring environments 
  • Portable and easy to carry – less than 15 pounds ( 7 kilos ) 
  • upwards of 0.5 miles RF line of sight 
  • Mega bright flashing signal 

several of the BM25 area gas monitors can communicate on the same network to send information wirelessly to a controller through MESH technology 

Benefits of MESH topology

  • quick and easy deployment
  • High coverage versatility
  • high mistake tolerance
  • significantly reduces installation and network-related costs


Alarm and data logging capabilities of the area gas monitor

  • 360° flashing sign
  • 103 dB at 3 feet audible alarm.
  •  STEL and TWA values are available
  •  Datalogging capacity of more than four months (for 5 gases configuration).


  • Provide up to 170 hours of continuous runtime
  •  Full recharge in only 4 1/2 hours
  •  Safe trickle charger for long-term monitoring in classified zones

Mx 40 controller 

The SmartWireless® MX 40 Controller provides operator access to the network as well as real-time status updates for all network devices. A MX 40 network can include up to 16 BM 25 wireless sensors, 32 wireless or wired sensors, control panels, and alarm warning devices. Command functions include alarm reset, acknowledgment, test, and radio-quiet. The control panel shows real-time gas concentrations, field device status, battery levels, network RF signal quality, and fault diagnostics. The display shows alarm status, channel, gas reading, battery life, and link signal strength.
Standard features include replaceable SD cards and data logging.

The Model MX 40 supports Oldham addressable I/O modules, including as DA-4, RL-4, AO-4, and DI-4.
Oldham modules can be positioned within the main system enclosure or installed remotely to reduce field wiring.

Instrument Warranty:   Two-year warranty, excluding consumables (sensors, filters, etc.)
Case Material:   IP66 – Impact resistant polycarbonate
Dimensions:   470 x 180 x 190 mm (16.7” x 7.1” x 7.5”)
Weight:   6.8 kg (15 lbs)
Display:   Graphic liquid crystal display with backlight

Sensors:  combustible gas – catalytic diffusion 
                  Methane, Propane, Butane, Isobutane, LPG, Ethanol, Pentane – Infrared
                  Oxygen and Toxic Gases – Electrochemical
                  CO2 – Infrared
                  Isobutylene – PID 



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