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Chemical Spill kit

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Chemical spill kit in Qatar | Top Spill kit suppliers in Qatar

Chemical spill kit in Qatar , Breaker Safety is the Top Spill kit suppliers in Qatar. Breaker spill kit Spill Kit is a compilation of absorbent materials,  cleaners, and chemical neutralizers is used to contain accidental spills or chemically aggressive spills.

It is designed to absorb chemical hazards and particles as well as liquids.Breaker spill kits are ideal for use in laborotories, hospitals, and chemical storage areas.

  • One sided Spunbond gives added strength and minimizes lint
  • Spunbond material allows for high abrasion resistance when with rough surfaces.
  • Perforations minimizes waste.
  • Packed in a sturdy dispenser bon for easy handling.
  • Yellow color stands out during a spill thus providing a “CAUTION” warning.
  • Pads, Pillows and Socks are resistant giving greater safety when handling flammable liquids.

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