CorDEX ToughPix DigiTherm TP3REX Digital Camera

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Ex proof Camera supplier in Qatar I Ex proof Camera in Qatar

Ex proof Camera supplier in Qatar. We at Nassguard are one of the leading ex-proof camera suppliers in Qatar. The Cordex ex proof camera is an Atex and IECEX-certified compact digital as well as thermal imaging camera. It packs on a lot of features on a small form factor.

The Cordex ToughPIX EXTREME camera is compact enough to fit into any work pocket, making it highly portable. Furthermore, it boasts a rugged construction that enables it to withstand impacts, ensuring it remains operational in demanding environments. This camera combines portability with reliability, offering the capability to perform efficiently in various challenging conditions. Designed for professionals who require equipment that can handle the rigor of tough workspaces, the Cordex ToughPIX EXTREME is not just any camera. Its explosion-proof certification makes it an ideal choice for industries where safety and durability are paramount, such as oil and gas, mining, and chemical manufacturing. With this camera, workers can capture high-quality images in hazardous areas without compromising on safety or performance.

 with fully radiometric thermal images making this camera your go-to tool for fault finding, documentation envelope inspections even facility maintenance. The TOUGHPIX ex-proof camera is fully Certified with its ATEX along with IECEx certification. TOUGHPIX Ex proof camera is rugged and ultra durable. It is also available in non intrinsically safe version. With its small digital image cameras, the TOUGHPIX explosion-proof camera sets the benchmark. It is powerful, robust, and high quality while still being incredibly affordable. The 5-megapixel visual camera and other features of TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM give the process of identifying, logging, and communicating

Key features 

5MP resolution visual sensor, automatic motorized focus along with the large depth of field means that the need for a separate macro-mode (a must for low resolution, fixed focus cameras)
isn’t required. TOUGHPIX ex proof camera can resolve images as close as 5cm away with crystal clear detail for targets approaching 1mm square. No macro mode switches
which means there is a real-time review of images there and then to ensure you get the detail you need without having to return at a later date. Just point the camera, let it focus, and check the image. 

Why you should buy from us, the leading ex-proof camera supplier in Qatar

From being frozen to -20C and dropped from a meter to being blasted with water and dirt as part of industry-leading Ingress Protection testing, TOUGHPIX ex-proof camera has been
pushed to extremes. With the TOUGHPIX Ex proof camera, a low resolution, fixed focus camera no longer needs a separate macro mode thanks to its next-generation combination of a high-resolution 5MP visual sensor, automatic motorized focus, and huge depth of field. All these features make it apparent that we provide the best product.


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