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CATU Latex Electrical insulating gloves CG 4 10 NR

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The Electrical insulating gloves are designed with a latex material by using a rolled cuff design. These insulating gloves comply with all basic standards and provide high visibility. These dielectric gloves are engineered to provide superior electrical insulation properties. The inside color of these gloves is Natural color and the outside color of this dielectric is red. Nassguard is the top supplier of Electrical insulating Gloves in Qatar. 


  • Material: Latex
  • Inside-Color : Natural color
  • Outside Color: Red color
  • High visibility
  • Cuff Design: Rolled cuff. Improves comfortability,easy donning and doffing
  • Durability: Designed with Best quality materials to enhance regular use. Defend environmental factors
  • Safety: Constructed to provide maximum safety for the users during electrical work. Intensive Inspection to ensure reliability and safety
  • Dielectric     : Engineered to provide superior electrical insulation properties
  • Traceability: Flash code on the color-coded labels for traceability. The color of the label corresponds to the class (for quick identification)
  • Compliance: Compliant with all standards and  Intensive Inspection 
  • Testing and Certification:   Certified to meet all industry standards for electrical insulating gloves. Rigorous testing procedures 


Technical Specification

Specification Details
Class and Voltage Rating Class: 4
Voltage Rating: 36,000 V AC, 54,000 V DC
Length 410 mm
Cuff Design Rolled cuff for enhanced comfort
Material Latex
Traceability Flash code on the color-coded label
Category RC (Resistant to Acid, Ozone, Cold, and Oil)


Electrical work


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