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Electrolytes supplier in Qatar I Super Hydraid Electrolyte

Super Hydraid electrolye supplier in Qatar. We at Nassguard are the leading Super Hydraid electrolytes supplier and other safety products in Qatar. We offer electrolyte sachets that serve to replenish and hydrate effectively. Our product ensures the delivery of all essential electrolytes and minerals, which one cannot acquire through water alone. Super Hydraid is a German-formulated product. It aims to provide an innovative solution specifically designed to tackle the issues, complications, and challenges brought on by dehydration. These electrolytes are particularly vital for workers operating in the hot and humid conditions typical of the Middle East, offering them a much-needed relief and support in maintaining their hydration levels effectively.

The need for electrolytes and electrolytes supplier in Qatar

Our bodies constantly produce heat, whether it’s because our metabolism is running at full capacity to break down food or due to the electrical impulses coursing through us. Considering the amount of physical work we engage in, it’s natural that we find ourselves feeling constantly tired. This is precisely the moment when Hydraid electrolytes step in to make a difference. Often times, workers don’t realize they’re dehydrated or facing heat stress until it’s too late. Electrolytes play a big role in our health.

The 5 Essential Electrolytes Provided by the Hydraid electrolytes

The best way to stay safe in the heat from problems  like heat exhaustion, heat stress, heat stroke and other is by ressuplying your lost electrolytes 

The 5 Key Electrolytes

Sodium – Sodium helps maintain fluid balance through osmosis

Calcium – calcium plays an important role in bone development

Chloride – chloride Helps regulate the balance of acid and alkali levels in our blood

Pottasium – Potassium plays a part in how nerves transmit signals and muscles contract. 

Magnesium – Helps muscle & nerve function, regulating blood pressure, & immune system. 

The benefits of Electrolytes and why we are the best electrolytes supplier in Qatar

  • Maintain, control and regulate fluid balance.
  • Significant role in blood pressure regulation.
  • Far reaching effects on fatigue.
  • Influential factors in muscle and nerve function.

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Sizes: 10.5g Makes 250 mL
            21g Makes 500 mL
            840g Makes 20 Liter

Flavours: Lemon and Orange 

Certifications : WHO – GMP Certified , Dubai municipality approved, Approved and testes from QCC, Accredited from SGS & NABL Labs. , FSSAI & FDA Certifed.

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