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Fire Curtain in Qatar | Fire Curtain Supplier in Qatar

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Fire Curtain in Qatar | Fire Curtain Supplier in Qatar

best Fire Curtain in Qatar, Nassguard Trading has one of the finest Fire Protective Curtain in Qatar. Nassguard Trading is the main Fire Curtain Supplier in Qatar. A fire curtain prevents fire from spreading inside a building. It automatically activates during a fire outbreak, connecting to the building’s fire alarm system to work automatically in the event of a fire. The installation integrates it seamlessly with the building’s ceiling, concealing it discreetly until deployment.

Components of Fire Curtain in Qatar

  • Headbox: The part attaches to the building’s ceiling, holding the roller and fabric inside. It blends with the ceiling by design.
  • Roller: As the name suggests, it refers to the rolling parts of the fire curtain, which encompass a motor, planetary gearbox, and control electronics. Specifically, the controlling components feature a microprocessor that is utilized to monitor and regulate the curtain’s deployment.
  • Side Guides: Features a smoke-sealing design for visible fasteners.
  • Bottom Bar with Seal: The bottom bar plays a crucial role in ensuring stability during the unrolling of the curtains. Additionally, it aids in creating a smoke-tight seal when the curtain is deployed.
  • Curtain Fabric: The curtain’s fabric consists of fiberglass and comes in silver grey color.


Construction and Material of Fire Protective Curtain in Qatar

  • Housing: Roller, headbox, slide guides and bottom bar is made from galvanized steel, they also have reinforced brackets. these make the materials have a high-temperature integrity.
  • Curtain Fabric Options:
    • Polyurethane fabric features a stabilizing coating, providing a 60-minute fire rating. Furthermore, when this fabric includes a stabilizing coating and a stainless-steel inlay, it boasts an impressive 180-minute fire rating.
  • Finishes: You can polyester powder-coat the Headbox and side guides in any RAL color.

Key Features:

  • Automated Operation: Works automatically by interfacing with the building’s fire alarm system.
  • Speed Control: The microprocessor regulates closing speed up to a maximum of 0.15 m/s (6 in/sec).
  • UL Certification: Meets UL 10D requirements with fire ratings of 1 hour (1700°F) for glass fabric and 3 hours (1920°F) for glass fabric with coating and stainless-steel inlay.
  • Material Class: Rated A2-s1, d0 for low smoke production and non-propagation of fire.
  • PIN Side Guides: Incorporate integrated seals for enhanced smoke and fire compartmentalization.


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