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FIREFIGHTER HOOD IN QATAR , Nassguard trading wll is the leading supplier of this product in Qatar ,Our firefighter hood is crafted from top-quality Nomex® fabric, providing full head and neck protection against fire and heat

Premium Firefighter Hood Supplier in Qatar – Unmatched Protection and Comfort:

When it comes to protecting those who protect us, our firefighter hood stands out as a top-tier product designed for structural firefighters. If you’re looking for a reliable firefighter hood in Qatar, our high-quality Nomex® fabric hood offers unparalleled fire resistance and comfort, making it the ideal choice for extreme firefighting conditions.

Superior Firefighter Hood for Ultimate Protection

Why Choose Our Firefighter Hood?

Our firefighter hood is crafted from top-quality Nomex® fabric, providing full head and neck protection against fire and heat. Unlike other flame-retardant hoods, our hood incorporates HeiQ Smart Temp Cooling technology, ensuring maximum comfort for firefighters during intense operations.

Key Features of Our Firefighter Hood

  • High-Quality Nomex® Fabric:
    The hood is made from fire-resistant and antistatic Nomex® fabric, ensuring top-level protection and durability.
  • HeiQ Smart Temp Cooling Technology:
    This innovative technology helps regulate body temperature, reducing the risk of heat exhaustion, fatigue, and heat stroke during firefighting.
  • Full Head and Neck Protection:
    The hood provides comprehensive protection for the head and neck, crucial for structural firefighters facing high thermal risks.

Benefits of Our Firefighter Hood

Enhanced Comfort:
Our firefighter hood is designed to be lightweight and breathable, blending DuPont™ Aramid Fibres and Viscose FR®. This combination ensures superior fire resistance without compromising comfort.

Thermal Risk Protection:
The hood offers high-level protection from thermal risks such as flashover, contact, and radiant heat, crucial for ensuring firefighter safety in extreme conditions.

Available in Custom Colors:
Under request, our firefighter hood is available in Desert Tan, providing flexibility in meeting specific uniform requirements.

Ensure Maximum Protection with Our Firefighter Hood

When it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of firefighters, our firefighter hood offers the best solution. Made from top-quality Nomex® fabric and incorporating advanced cooling technology, our hood provides unparalleled protection and comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our firefighter hoods and ensure the best protection for your team in extreme firefighting conditions.

Product Details

  • Fabric Type: High-quality Nomex®
  • Protection: Full head and neck fire-resistant protection
  • Technology: HeiQ Smart Temp Cooling for body temperature regulation
  • Usage: Ideal for structural firefighters facing high thermal risks
  • Optional Color: Desert Tan upon request

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