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HEAT RESISTANT GLOVES IN QATAR , Nassguard trading wll is the leading supplier of the product heat resistant gloves in Qatar ,With our Heat Resistant Gloves, enhance your operational safety and efficiency.  

Unmatched Protection with Heat Resistant Gloves in Qatar:

In Qatar’s demanding work environments, from bustling kitchens to industrial operations, the right protection against extreme heat is crucial. Our Heat Resistant Gloves offer superior insulation, comfort, and dexterity to handle hot materials safely.

Product Name: Heat Resistant Gloves

Why Choose Our Heat Resistant Gloves?

High-Temperature Resistance:
Crafted from aramid fibers—materials used in firefighter suits—these gloves withstand up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit. They ensure your hands stay safe whether you’re maneuvering a grill, handling hot pans, or working with industrial machinery.

Comfort and Flexibility:
Experience full finger mobility with our gloves that fit either hand. The inner lining, made from a blend of cotton and polyester, offers a skin-friendly, comfortable feel without sacrificing flexibility. Move with ease and confidence, no matter the task.

Easy to Use and Maintain:
These gloves are not just about protection; they are also designed for ease of use. Slip them on or off effortlessly, ensuring quick transitions between tasks. The durable construction means they can be washed and reused, standing up to daily wear and tear.

Versatile Applications:
Ideal for a range of activities, these gloves are perfect for kitchen staff, grill masters, and industrial workers. They protect against scorching heat while maintaining the dexterity needed for detailed tasks.

Protect Every Move:

With our Heat Resistant Gloves, enhance your operational safety and efficiency. Whether it’s a commercial kitchen, an outdoor grill, or a demanding industrial setting, our gloves provide the protection you need to handle heat confidently and comfortably.

Order now and experience the ultimate blend of protection, comfort, and versatility with our Heat Resistant Gloves in Qatar. For inquiries and bulk orders, contact us today!


  1. Style and Design: The gloves are styled in a gunn cut with a wing thumb, featuring reinforced thumbs and index fingers for increased durability.
  2. Wrist and Cuff: They come with a knitted wrist and a continuous pull cuff made from tan suede leather (0.8 to 1.0mm thick), ensuring a secure fit and easy wearability.
  3. Material Composition: The hand layer is crafted from knitted composite modacrylic para-aramid fiber with a non-woven urethane vapor barrier, providing excellent protection and comfort.
  4. Palm and Back: Both the palm and the back of the gloves are made from tan suede cow leather, thickness ranging from 1.0 to 1.2mm, with additional reinforcing on the palm for enhanced grip and protection.
  5. Thread Quality: Constructed with Kevlar thread, the gloves offer superior seam integrity and resistance to heat and abrasion.
  6. Cuff Features: Features a yellow aramid knitted wrist cuff, which helps prevent debris entry and ensures the gloves stay securely in place during use.
  7. Weight: Each pair weighs approximately 380 grams in size L, balancing protection with lightweight for user comfort.
  8. Overall Durability: Designed for rugged use, particularly suitable for demanding tasks requiring both durability and dexterity.

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