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Magnetometer In Qatar

Magnetometer In Qatar , Nassguard trading wll is the leading supplier of this product in Qatar .If you’re searching for a high-precision magnetometer in Qatar, we offer the most advanced solutions for locating ferromagnetic objects with ease


High-Precision Magnetometer in Qatar – Your Reliable Magnetometer Supplier:

If you’re searching for a high-precision magnetometer in Qatar, we offer the most advanced solutions for locating ferromagnetic objects with ease. Our magnetometers provide exceptional accuracy and reliability for various applications, ensuring you achieve precise results every time.

Discover the Efficiency of Our Magnetometers

Why Choose Our Magnetometers?

Our magnetometers, such as the FerroTec FT 10.

are designed for the easy and accurate location of concealed ferromagnetic objects like shaft covers, sliding rods, caps, and pavement markers.

Their ergonomic design and precise measuring technology ensure fast and reliable results, making your work efficient and straightforward.

Advanced Measurement Technology

The FerroTec FT 10 operates using fluxgate magnetometers, which detect changes in the earth’s magnetic field caused by iron, cast iron, or steel objects.

The device converts these changes into acoustic signals and visual displays, guiding you precisely to the object’s location.

The closer you are, the stronger the signal, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.

Key Features of Our Magnetometers

Ergonomic Design: The FerroTec FT 10 is built with user comfort in mind.

featuring an ergonomic design that ensures convenient operation and reduces fatigue during extended use.

Accurate Detection: Equipped with two magnetically sensitive sensors.

the device accurately detects and locates ferromagnetic objects by recognizing changes in the earth’s magnetic field.

Visual and Acoustic Signals: The magnetometer provides both visual and acoustic signals to guide you towards the object’s exact position. The signals intensify as you approach the target, ensuring precise location.

Safety Features: The FerroTec FT 10 recognizes 50 Hz alternating fields, helping you avoid power cables during excavation and preventing electrocution risks. It also detects polarity changes in large objects, allowing you to classify their position and size effectively.

Get Reliable Results with Our Magnetometers

Our magnetometers are designed to provide fast, accurate, and reliable results for locating ferromagnetic objects.

Enhance your detection capabilities with our advanced technology and ensure your excavation and location tasks are completed safely and efficiently.

Contact us today to learn more about our magnetometers and find the perfect solution for your needs in Qatar.

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Product Details

  • Model: FerroTec FT 10
  • Detection Method: Fluxgate magnetometers for detecting changes in the earth’s magnetic field
  • Display: Visual and acoustic signals for accurate object location
  • Design: Ergonomic for comfortable and efficient operation
  • Safety: Recognizes 50 Hz alternating fields to avoid power cables and prevent electrocution
  • Application: Suitable for locating shaft covers, sliding rods, caps, and pavement markers made of iron, cast iron, or steel

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