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Metal Detector in Qatar | Metal Detector Suppliers in Qatar

High-Quality Portable Metal Detector Available in Qatar, Nassguard Trading is a Metal Detector Supplier in Qatar. Find high-quality branded Portable and Rechargeable Metal Detectors.  For the best deals and lowest price, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
It’s a high-sensitivity Metal Detector which is best for detecting various metal has multiple alarm options and battery-saving features.


Portable Metal Detector Features

  • Portable Design
  • Rechargeable: it has a Li battery so it’s rechargeable, it also comes with a USB charge cable, so you can fully charge the device in 4-6 hours.
  • Alarm Options:  there is two operation mode for users to choose for the alarms, one with light and sound alarm and the second one with vibration and light alarm, users can choose the preferred option.
  • Low Sensitivity Mode: when the low sensitivity mode is activated, the detector will only alarm upon detecting larger metal objects.
  • Battery Saving Function: Automatically powers off after one minute of inactivity (optional).


Specifications of Metal Detector in Qatar

Property Details
High Sensitivity (Detection Range)
  • Pin: 5-10mm
  • 64-Pistol: 100-160mm
  • 6-inch Knife: 80-150mm
  • Steel ball with 20mm diameter: 50-100mm
Unit Dimension 410mm (Length) x 85mm (Width) x 45mm (Height)
Power Voltage Standard 9V battery
Operating Voltage 7V-9V
Alarm Sound ≥ 75dB(A)
Operating Current < 50mA
Alarm Terms Sound (vibration) and light alarm
Waterproof Rating IP31
Operation Frequency 18KHz
Housing Material ABS in black



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