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MIST FAN in Qatar, Nassguard Trading WLL is the leading supplier of the product mist fan in Qatar ,it offers robust and versatile fans suited for a variety of settings, from commercial spaces to open-air venues.

Stay Cool with Mist Fans in Qatar:

In Qatar’s harsh climate, maintaining a comfortable environment is crucial. Whether indoors or outdoors,  Mist Fans provides the perfect solution for cooling and enhancing air quality. As a leading mist fan supplier in Qatar, offers robust and versatile fans suited for a variety of settings, from commercial spaces to open-air venues.

Superior Indoor and Outdoor Versatility of mist fan in Qatar

 Mist Fans excel in diverse environments:

  • Indoor Use: Ideal for gyms, supermarkets, arenas, airport lounges, railway station waiting rooms, and greenhouses, ensuring a cool atmosphere wherever necessary.
  • Outdoor Use: Perfect for parks, arbours, squares, and sports fields like golf courses and training areas. They also perform excellently in private gardens, swimming pools, and other recreational areas.

Advanced Cooling Technology

 Mist Fans are equipped with cutting-edge features that set them apart:

  • Powerful Mist Output: With adjustable settings, the fans deliver a fine mist that cools the air efficiently without making surfaces wet.
  • Versatile Installation: Features like the front grill with an integrated mist unit and special locking mechanisms for the pipe and wire ensure easy setup and durability.
  • Safety First: Enhanced safety measures include waterproof and fire-resistant components, and operational warnings to prevent misuse and ensure longevity.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Setting up and maintaining your  Mist Fan is straightforward:

  • Simple Setup: Install the mist unit on the front grill and secure it with the provided fixtures. Place the submersible pump at the bottom of the water tank and ensure it’s fully submerged.
  • Maintenance Tips: Regularly check the water level and clean the fan components to maintain optimal performance. Follow the manual for detailed instructions to ensure safety and efficiency.

Designed for Durability and Efficiency

Specifications for the Mist Fan include:

  • Model: FDW10C P/N M8S
  • Dimensions: 650 mm (26 inch)
  • Power Ratings: Total power of 335W with a 60W mist unit and a 255W fan
  • Voltage: 220-240V, suitable for Qatar’s power standards
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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