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NECK FAN in Qatar, ,Nassguard Trading WLL is the leading neck fan supplier in Qatar. Innovative Neck Fan. Designed to be worn around the neck so your hands remain free.
It’s a perfect idea for personal cooling, camping, outdoor events.

Stay Cool Anywhere with the Turbo Neck Fan in Qatar

Are you searching for a convenient way to beat the heat in Qatar? Look no further than the Turbo Neck Fan, the ideal companion for staying cool on the go. As a leading neck fan supplier in Doha, we bring you an innovative solution that merges functionality with style, ensuring you enjoy a refreshing breeze wherever you are.

Innovative and Versatile Design of neck fan in Qatar

The Turbo Neck Fan features a unique double-headed design, each equipped with three fan blades, offering a powerful and quiet cooling experience. You can easily wear this fan around your neck, thanks to its lightweight, flexible construction, allowing you to stay cool without using your hands. It’s perfect for personal cooling at outdoor events, camping trips, or while simply lounging at home or the office. The fans rotate 360 degrees, giving you the freedom to direct the airflow exactly where you need it, whether you’re using it as a neck fan or placing it on your desk.

Customizable Comfort

With three adjustable speed levels—Low, Medium, and High—the Turbo Neck Fan caters to your personal cooling needs. Switch effortlessly between modes to find your optimal comfort level. Additionally, the fan includes LED lights that provide a pleasing aesthetic touch, enhancing your experience whether you’re indoors or out.

Durable and PortableConstructed from high-quality materials, the Turbo Neck Fan is built to last. It exhibits excellent resistance to pressure and heat, ensuring durability and reliability even in the toughest conditions. The ultra-quiet motor offers a disturbance-free operation, allowing you to enjoy the cool breeze without any loud noise. The fan’s flexibility and the soft silicon material make it comfortable to wear around your neck, easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack, or convenient to use as a desk fan.

Safe and Easy to Use

We designed the Turbo Neck Fan with your safety in mind. For those with long hair, it’s advisable to tie your hair up to prevent it from getting caught in the fan blades. The package includes the portable neck fan, a USB charging cable, and a user manual to get you started right away. Its rechargeable battery ensures that you can use it anytime, anywhere, without worrying about finding a power outlet.

Embrace the summer in Qatar with the Turbo Neck Fan, your best choice for a cool, comfortable experience during work, travel, or leisure activities. It’s an essential gadget for anyone looking to escape the heat while staying active and free.


This fan is not just a tool for cooling but a stylish and essential gadget for dealing with the heat while engaging in a variety of activities, ensuring that you can enjoy your daily routines without discomfort.


If you’re looking to stay cool and comfortable during the hot Qatari summers, consider investing in a neck fan from a TRENDING BRAND. Two of the hottest products on the market are the TORRAS COOLIFY 3 and the JISULIFE NECK FAN. Both have garnered significant attention for their innovative features and effective cooling capabilities. The TORRAS COOLIFY 3 is renowned for its sleek design and powerful airflow, making it a top choice for tech enthusiasts and comfort seekers alike. On the other hand, the JISULIFE NECK FAN is celebrated for its portability and long-lasting battery life, ideal for outdoor activities and extensive travel. These products exemplify how modern technology can provide not just comfort but also a stylish way to beat the heat, making them must-haves for anyone looking to enhance their daily comfort during the sweltering months.


Specifications of the Turbo Neck Fan

The Turbo Neck Fan is designed with cutting-edge technology and user-centric features to offer unparalleled comfort and convenience. Here are the detailed specifications that make this product a must-have for residents and visitors in Qatar:

  • Fan Design: Wearable, dual-head design with a 360° rotation capability.
  • Power Source: Battery-powered, ensuring portability and ease of use without the need for constant power supply.
  • Fan Blades: Each fan head is equipped with 3 blades, optimizing airflow for more effective cooling.
  • Speed Levels: Three adjustable speeds (Low, Medium, High) to accommodate your cooling needs in various conditions.
  • LED Lights: Integrated for a visually appealing and functional lighting effect.
  • Material Quality: Made from high-flexibility soft silicone material, offering good pressure and heat resistance.
  • Noise Level: Ultra quiet, equipped with a motor that minimizes sound, making it ideal for use in quiet environments where noise could be a concern.
  • Wattage: 2 watts, energy-efficient yet powerful enough to provide significant airflow.
  • Adjustable Features: Includes adjustable height and tilt for personalized use.
  • Special Features: Portable, rechargeable, and with an adjustable tilt, enhancing its versatility.
  • Recommended Uses: Ideal for cooling during working, exercising, traveling, hiking, camping, and attending outdoor concerts or events.
  • Wind Speed: Provides a maximum airflow speed of 5.1 m/s, cooling down users much faster.
  • Safety Tips: For individuals with long hair, it is recommended to tie the hair up to prevent it from being caught in the fan blades.

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