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PIPE LOCATOR IN QATAR , Nassguard trading wll is the leading supplier of this product in Qatar .Our pipe locator systems, including the UT 9200, UT 9100, and UT 930 models, are designed to deliver exceptional performance in any environment.

Discover the Best Pipe Locator in Qatar – Your Reliable Pipe Locator Supplier:

If you need a top-quality pipe locator in Qatar, look no further. Our advanced pipe locator systems offer unparalleled precision and reliability, making them essential for any project requiring accurate underground pipe and cable detection.

Revolutionizing Pipe Location with Advanced Technology

Why Choose Our Pipe Locators?

Our pipe locator systems, including the UT 9200, UT 9100, and UT 930 models, are designed to deliver exceptional performance in any environment.

These systems ensure that you locate pipes with pinpoint accuracy, reducing the risk of costly digging errors.

Unmatched Accuracy and Efficiency

Our pipe locators are equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide outstanding accuracy and efficiency.

The multitude of frequencies, extended battery life, and user-friendly operation make these systems ideal for any pipe locating task.

Whether you are working in challenging conditions or hard-to-reach areas, our pipe locators deliver reliable results.

Key Features of Our Pipe Locator Systems

Superior Performance: The UT 9200 R and UT 9100 R receivers, when paired with the UT 9012 TX generator, offer a powerful 12-Watt transmitter, ensuring top-notch performance in locating underground pipes and cables.

Versatile Functionality:
The UT 930 R receiver, combined with the UT 935 TX 5-Watt transmitter.

Provides seven different frequencies, allowing for versatile and efficient pipe locating across various scenarios.

High Precision:
Our systems enable you to find the optimal frequency quickly, connect two pipes simultaneously, and locate extensive pipe sections with ease.

They are designed to deliver precise results even in difficult environments and under adverse weather conditions.

Depth Determination:
Accurately determine the depth of pipes with our advanced systems.

The built-in GNSS module in the UT 9200 R receiver links location data to position data .

which can be accessed via the UT 9200 Com app for quick, accurate, and economical work.

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Product Details

  • Model Options: UT 9200, UT 9100, UT 930
  • Receivers: UT 9200 R, UT 9100 R, UT 930 R
  • Transmitters: UT 9012 TX (12 Watt), UT 935 TX (5 Watt)
  • Frequencies: Multiple frequencies for versatile locating
  • Battery Life: Extended battery life for prolonged use
  • Operation: User-friendly and simple operation
  • Functionality: Versatile and reliable in various environments
  • Accuracy: High precision for depth determination and location

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