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Plum Eyewash 0.9% Sodium Chloride

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The Plum eye wash bottles contains a 0.9 % sodium chloride solution that corresponds to the natural salt content of the eye fluid. This isotonic solution is suitable for rinsing the eyes as a first aid measure after an accident.

The bottles are equipped with an ergonomic eye cup to ensure that the liquid can be applied correctly in an even and gentle flow. 

Squeeze the bottle lightly while rinsing.

The DUO bottles are equipped with a special eye device that allows rinsing of both eyes at the sametime.

Our eye wash bottles are medical devices according to EU directive 92/42/EEC. A safety data sheet is available.

Your benefits

• High functional reliability – bottles are manufactured to DIN EN 15154-4 (non
plumbed-in eye wash units)
• Flexible solutions – bottles in different sizes for mobile use and stations for
mounting on the wall at the workplace
• Wide field of application (e.g. industry, laboratories, first aid kits, mobile use in
vans, pockets etc.)
• Easy to handle – can be applied by the injured person without assistance
• Long shelf life of 3 years for sealed bottles
• No maintenance or replacement of the liquid required (as with ordinary water)



Plum eye wash is used for rinsing away foreign bodies from the eye (e.g. dust, dirt, metal and wood chips etc.) and also chemicals such as oils and solvents.

The aim of immediate rinsing is to prevent the foreign bodies from sticking in the eye and causing serious harm.

For caustic burns from by acids and alkali we recommend our sterile irrigation solution pH Neutral with 4.9% of phosphate buffer solution (product specification available) in order to achieve a neutralizing effect.

After using pH Neutra we recommend to continue rinsing with Plum Eye Wash 0.9 % sodium chloride until you reach a doctor.

Note: Seek medical advice for all eye injuries!

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