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ROPE LANYARD  in Qatar , Nassguard Trading WLL is the leading supplier of the product rope lanyard in Qatar, Providing robust safety measures and meeting stringent international standards, this rope lanyard is your reliable partner for fall protection.

Maximize Safety with Rope Lanyard in Qatar:

For industries in Qatar that prioritize safety, particularly in construction and scaffolding, the Forked Energy Absorbing Twisted Rope Lanyard is essential. Providing robust safety measures and meeting stringent international standards, this rope lanyard is your reliable partner for fall protection.

Usage and Compliance

The Forked Energy Absorbing Twisted Rope Lanyard is specifically designed to be used in scenarios requiring limited movement where there is sufficient clearance under the feet of the user. It is ideal for passing intermediate anchor points in trades such as construction, building maintenance, steel construction, scenic industries, and scaffolding.

Safety and Maintenance

  • Fall Indicator Label: Before each use, inspect the energy absorbing lanyard. If the “NOT OK” sign is visible on the label, it indicates that the equipment has arrested a fall and should not be reused. Please replace it with a compliant one to ensure continuous safety.
  • Regular Checks: Maintain the effectiveness and safety of your lanyard by conducting regular inspections and following the specific care instructions provided.

Available across Qatar, this rope lanyard is distributed by leading safety equipment suppliers, ensuring that you have access to reliable and essential safety tools for your workforce.

Discover the top-quality Forked Energy Absorbing Twisted Rope Lanyard in Qatar—your essential safety tool for high-risk environments. Ensure maximum protection with our certified and durable rope lanyards, designed for the toughest jobs in construction and scaffolding.

additional information

  1. Quick Deployment: The lanyard’s intuitive design allows for fast and efficient deployment in emergency situations, offering immediate protection.
  2. Versatile Application: This rope lanyard serves a broad range of applications, from industrial construction sites to theatrical settings, where safety cannot be compromised.
  3. User Comfort: Despite its robust construction, the lanyard is lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for extended periods, ensuring that it does not impede mobility.
  4. Adjustable Features: The connectors and length of the lanyard can be adjusted to suit different user heights and job requirements, making it a flexible choice for diverse work environments.
  5. Visual Safety Checks: The clear, transparent covering over the splices increases visibility for safety inspections, helping users quickly verify the lanyard’s integrity.
  6. Weather Resistant: Constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions, this rope lanyard remains reliable in both hot summers and cold winters in Qatar.
  7. Cost-Effective: Investing in this high-quality rope lanyard reduces the need for frequent replacements and lowers long-term safety equipment costs.
  8. Training and Support: Comprehensive user manuals and training guides are available to ensure proper usage and to maximize the safety benefits of the rope lanyard.
  9. High Visibility: The lanyard features high-visibility coloring, making it easier to spot by coworkers and supervisors, thus enhancing overall workplace safety.
  10. Local Availability: Easily obtainable throughout Qatar, this rope lanyard is supported by a network of local distributors ready to provide quick delivery and support.

Specifications and Features

  1. High-Strength Materials: Made from 12 mm diameter polyamide twisted rope, this lanyard combines durability with flexibility. It features an energy absorber made of 44 mm wide webbing, effectively reducing the impact force of falls to less than 6 kN, thus ensuring maximum safety during use.
  2. Advanced Connector System: Equipped with one steel screw-locking karabiner (FA5010117) at one end and two steel scaffold hooks (FA5020755) at the other ends, this lanyard offers secure and easy attachments, catering to various safety needs in challenging work environments.
  3. Enhanced Durability: The loops of the lanyard are protected by an abrasion-resistant thimble, and the spliced end is shielded with a strong transparent covering sleeve. These features safeguard the integrity of the rope against wear and tear, extending its lifespan.
  4. Compliance with Safety Standards: This product conforms to EN355:2002 and has been tested as per VG11 of PPE Directive 89/686/EEC, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards required for protective equipment.

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