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SMOKE ALARM DEVICE IN QATAR , nassguard trading wll is the leading supplier of the product smoke alarm device in Qatar. Emits a loud alarm at over 85dB from three meters away, ensuring that it is heard throughout the home or building

Smoke Alarm Device in Qatar: Your First Line of Defense Against Fire Hazards

In Qatar’s diverse residential and commercial environments, ensuring the safety of occupants against fire hazards is paramount. Our GS536 model Smoke Alarm Device offers advanced protection with its innovative features, making it an essential safety addition for every home and business. As a leading supplier of smoke alarm devices in Qatar, we are committed to providing solutions that enhance safety and offer peace of mind.

Product Name: GS536 Smoke Alarm Device

Our state-of-the-art smoke alarm device is engineered to provide comprehensive protection:

  1. High Sensitivity Photoelectric Sensor:
    Utilizes photoelectric technology to detect slow smoldering fires quickly, which typically produce thick, black smoke before bursting into flames.
  2. Loud and Clear Alarm System:
    Emits a loud alarm at over 85dB from three meters away, ensuring that it is heard throughout the home or building.
  3. Eco-Friendly and Safe Design:
    Does not contain any radioactive materials, making it harmless to the environment and safe for residential use.
  4. Compliance with International Standards:
    Meets the stringent requirements of EN14604:2005/AC:2008, ensuring reliability and performance in fire safety.

Strategic Installation for Optimal Protection

For comprehensive coverage, our smoke alarm device should be installed in every critical area of your home or office:

  • Living Spaces and Hallways:
    Place a unit in the middle of the ceiling in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms to ensure maximum area coverage.
  • Special Considerations for Larger Homes:
    For hallways longer than 30 feet, install a device at each end to enhance safety.
  • Basement and Stairwells:
    Installing smoke alarms at the bottom of stairwells and basements is crucial for early detection in these high-risk areas.

Local Expertise and Dependable Support

As the top smoke alarm device supplier in Qatar, we not only sell devices but also provide expert installation advice and support. Our team is available to help you determine the best placement for smoke alarms, ensuring all areas of your property are adequately protected.

Additional Information:

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: This smoke alarm is designed for straightforward installation and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring it remains functional and ready at all times.
  • Visual and Auditory Alerts: Features a red LED flash and a distinct alarm pattern for clear visual and auditory warning during smoke detection, enhancing response times in emergency situations.


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