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Solas Life jacket 275 N – Lalizas Lamda

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Solas life jacket in Qatar | Auto self inflatable life jacket supplier in Qatar

Solas life jacket in Qatar, Automatic solas self inflatable life jacket supplier in Qatar. Lalizas Lamda Inflatable Lifejacket Automatic , SOLAS/MED approved with buoyancy of 275 newton.

This life jacket is suitable for commercial vessels or offshore platforms when heavy weight cloths are worn or tools with weight is carried in extreamily heavy weather conditions.

This life saver is coming with reflectives, whistle and CO2 catridges.

Solas Life jacket 275 N – Lalizas Lamda : Automatic and Manual

The life jacket can be inflated both manual and automatic which make best for use in any situation, The self inflatable life jacket is automatically inflate when it is submerged or when the cord is pulled and the CO2 catridge will be activated.

The inflate force is sufficient to pull you up to the water and its ideal for any weather conditions and rough sports activities. 

Even if you were loose consciousness , this automatic life jackets will be life saver.

Buoyancy  : 275 Newton
Approval : SOLAS / MED
Activation  : Automatic & manual activation
Extra With Reflective tapes & whistle& Co2 Catridge


Lamda Inflatable Lifejacket 275 N with Ocean Signal MOB1

Lalizas exceeds expectations by partnering with OCEAN Signal to provide you with an enhanced version of the Lalizas Lamda Lifejacket.

Tested for compatibility with the MOB1, this upgraded lifejacket version increases your chances of rapid rescue and survival to the highest possible.

• AIS (Automatic Identification
• Integrated DSC transmitter
(digital selective calling)
• 30% (typ) smaller than
• Automatic activation
• Simple lifejacket integration
• 7 year battery life
• 24+ hours operational life
• 5 year warranty
• Fast accurate positioning

The MOB1 is intended to be installed within the life-jacket and will activate automatically on inflation, sending the first alert within 15 seconds.

The MOB1 is waterpoof to 10 metres.

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