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Spill pallet in Qatar | Spill pallet suppliers in Doha, Qatar | Wholesale price

Spill pallet in Qatar, Breaker safety is the Spill pallet suppliers in Doha, Qatar in Wholesale price. Breaker spill pallets are spill-proof polymer made with forklift groove.

We are dealing

  • Acid spill pallets
  • Chemical Spill pallets
  • Oil spill pallets

All liquids leaking out wil flow into sump rather than the ground.

The ramp is designed to handle chemical an acid drums to handle easily.
The leakage holes are made to discharge liguids from sump and reuse / recycle.


Make United Kingdom
2 Drum Capacity 32/120 Gal/L , 1500 Kgs
2 drum Dimensions 30x130x66 (H x L x W / cm)
2 Drum Forklift operation Bidirectional operation
4 Drum capacity 68/260 Gal / L , 3000 Kgs
4 Drum dimensions 30 x 130 x 128 (H x L x W / cm)
2 Drum Forklift operations Quadidirectional Operations

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