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WEBBING LANYARD IN QATAR , Nassguard Trading WLL is the leading supplier of the product WEBBING LANYARD , This lanyard is made from 30 mm wide polyester webbing known for its durability and resistance to environmental damage.

Webbing Lanyard in Qatar: Essential Safety Gear for Industrial Use

In the demanding industrial landscape of Qatar, ensuring worker safety is not just a regulation,

it’s a priority. The Forked Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyard stands out as an essential safety tool, offering unmatched reliability and compliance with international safety standards.

As a leading webbing lanyard supplier in Qatar, we commit to providing robust and dependable fall protection solutions.


Importance of Regular Safety Checks

Before each use, it is crucial to inspect the webbing lanyard for any signs of wear or damage.

The fall indicator label serves as a quick reference; if the “NOT OK” sign is visible,

indicating that the lanyard has absorbed a fall, it must be replaced immediately to maintain safety standards.

webbing lanyard in Qatar Designed for Various Industrial Needs

This webbing lanyard is specifically engineered for workers in high-risk fields such as construction, scaffolding, steelwork, and other trades that require reliable fall protection.

 Its design allows for movement across intermediate points, making it ideal for tasks that involve height and mobility.

Local Availability and Support

As a trusted supplier in Qatar, we ensure that our webbing lanyards are readily available and supported by comprehensive customer service.

We offer quick delivery across the region,

backed by expert advice and support to help you meet your specific safety requirements.

Secure your safety with our Forked Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyard in Qatar.

Ideal for construction and industrial use, our webbing lanyards are compliant with international standards, offering robust protection for various trades.

Additional information

  1. Equipped with user-friendly features, this webbing lanyard simplifies safety compliance,
  2. allowing workers to quickly adjust and secure the lanyard,
  3. ensuring a perfect fit for various body types and work conditions.”
  4. By integrating superior materials and safety features,
  5. the webbing lanyard provides peace of mind for businesses aiming to uphold the highest safety standards in Qatar’s challenging work environments.

Specifications and Features

  1. High-Strength Materials: This lanyard is made from 30 mm wide polyester webbing, known for its durability and resistance to environmental damage. The built-in 35 mm wide energy absorber significantly reduces the force of falls, limiting the impact to less than 6 kN to ensure maximum protection.
  2. Advanced Durability Features: To enhance its longevity, each loop of the lanyard is shielded by abrasion-resistant tubular webbing. This feature helps preserve the integrity of the lanyard through rigorous use and exposure to harsh working conditions.
  3. Secure and Versatile Connectivity: The lanyard includes one steel screw-locking karabiner (FA5010117) at one end and two steel scaffold hooks (FA5020755) at the other ends. These connectors are designed for easy yet secure attachment, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
  4. Strict Compliance with Safety Standards: Adhering to EN355:2002 and tested as per VG11 of PPE Directive 89/686/EEC, the lanyard meets all required standards for personal protective equipment, ensuring both safety and quality.

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